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  1. Here you will find the most competitive if not the most reasonable priced German Helmets and military items for sale. Offered are the different models collectors commonly referred to as the M35, M40 and M42. They were put into service by the various Wehrmacht branches including: Army, Luftwaffe, SS and Combat Polic
  2. The German helmet is one of the most iconic symbols of the German soldier in World War II. Its distinctive shape evokes the terror and fear the German soldiers created during this difficult time, but also represents a technically advanced military design
  3. The name was also used by Der Stahlhelm, a German first World War ex- servicemen 's organization existing from 1918 to 1935. After World War II, the German Bundeswehr (English: Federal Armed Forces) continued to call their standard helmet Stahlhelm, but the design was based on the American M1 helmet

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WW2 German Mess Kit - L&SL 39 $ 40.00 Add to cart; WW2 German Mess Kit - MN38 & HWSD41 $ 40.00 Add to cart; WW2 German Mess Kit - CFL40 & MN40 $ 100.00 Add to cart; WW2 German Mess Kit - HWSD 39 $ 100.00 Add to cart; Sold Out! Wehrmacht visor hat eagle - Kursk Found $ 0.00 Read more; Sold Out! Double decal M35 helmet - From Novgorod. WW2 German helmets have featured strongly at Ulric of England since the late '70s. Today, our commitment to WW2 German helmets which are the best-of-their-type, and fresh-to-the-market, is recognised both nationally and globally; as a result, the German helmets we offer for sale, readily find new homes, and achieve great prices WANTED TO BUY: WWII German Helmets of all branches and services Email: HelmetsWW2@gmail.com. Cell: 828-329-4806 Welcome to WW2GermanHelmets.com Your source for 100% Authentic World War II German Helmets and other WWII Items of the Wehrmacht The German Occupation of the Channel Islands showed to the world that Hitler had broken through a tiny frontier of Britain and stationed German troops on British soil for the first time. It was the only part of the British Isles to be occupied by the German forces during World War II

german army helmets. to see our complete inventory of german army ww2 items click here. h002978 austrian m16 transitional single decal helmet. h061383 m35 camouflaged helmet ef64. h046083 m18 double decal transitional helmet si66. h056283 m35 single decal helmet ns64. h024383 m35 single decal helmet ef60. h015583 m35 camouflaged helmet et64. h014083 m35 single decal, camouflaged. Oakleaf Militaria sells German Militaria including WW2 Helmets, Belts, Weapons and Nazi SS Uniforms. Click here to see our list of products. P.O. Box 596; Crystal Lake, IL 60039 (815) 355-4355; kristiananderson@prodigy.net; kanderson@oakleafmilitaria.com; Home; Cloth & Metal insignia; Deutschland Erwache; Documents,Awards Photos & Posters ; Edged Weapons; Etceteras; Field Equipment; Flags. WW2 German M42 Helmet A Rare qvl Size 62 Helmet With Original Green Painted Finish. It Has A Period Liner With Dark Stained Leather. *Note qvl Helmets Have Badly Stamped Markings. This One Has The 'v' Missing. Batch Number Is Consistent With Helmets Made By This Rare & Little Known Maker. Price £ SOLD. Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image! Click. German helmet (Stahlhelm) M42 In 1942 due to Deutsches Reich's military and economic position in the WW2 constructors have to take steps to make steel helmets production cheaper. The country extremely lacked strategic raw materials for tanks production, so it was not a surprise that steel quality in new M42 got much worse Original German WWII M31 Helmet Liner 64/56 Damaged Price: $175.00 . Original US WWII M1 Front Seam Swivel Bail Helmet With Firestone Liner Price: $185.00 . Original German WWII Unissued M31 Helmet Liner 64/56 Dated 1943 Price: $235.00 . Original Third Reich M34 Fireman's Helmet Size 66 With 59 Liner Price: $250.00 . Original US WWII M1 Front Seam Fixed Bail Helmet With Seaman Paper Company.

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The internet played a very very big part in enhancing the general knowledge on German WW2 helmets especially in the last 15 years. Even today in 2016, 71 years after World War 2, collectors still find helmets in the possession of the families of veterans, in abandoned houses and on battlefields Original German WWII Woodchip Camo M35 DD Heer Helmet - Battle Damaged. 2,450.00. Original German WWII Gendarmerie (Rural Police) Side Cap. 400.00. Original German WWII Luftwaffe Flak Visor Cap Dated 1937. 600.00. Sold Out. Original German WWII Reversible Sumpftarn ( Tan and Water) Hood. 245.00 . Original German Unapplied National Shield Decal. 100.00. Original German WWII Battle Damaged M42. Reproduction German WWII Collectable Helmets (1939-1945) Germany Helmets Original WWII Collectables (1939-1945) Side Refine Panel. Shop by Category. Militaria; 1939 - 1945 (WWII) 1914 - 1918 (WWI) 1961 - 1975 (Vietnam) Modern, Current; Surplus; Other Eras, Wars; Buying format. see all. All Listings. Best Offer. Auction. Buy It Now. Classified Ads . Original/Reproduction. see all. Original.

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One of the ranges we are most proud of are our WW2 German Helmets. We have spent a good amount of time developing them with the manufacturers, and we are really happy with the outcome. Here's what you need to know about the different helmets we make. Our M35s, M40s and M42s all benefit from a very similar manufacture GERMAN ARMY WWII WW2 HELMET REPR CHINSTRAP rivets studs steel zinc coated. $5.00. 2 sold. Sponsored Listings. WWII German Elite M35 Helmet Stahlhelm Steel ET68 Combat Retro Replica Militaria. $64.95. WWII German Elite M35 Helmet Steel Stahlhelm Armor ET68 Combat Retro Replica. $64.95. Rare Original WWII German Third Reich Officer Police Helmet Cap World War 2 . $949.99. WWII German Helmet. German Helmet Vault Collecting German WW2 helmets. SS Helmets. INFO LINK : History of the SS. Observations : Factory produced M35, M40 and M42 have the same paint color as Heer/Polizei and Kriegsmarine helmets. The NS and SE/HKP factories did not produce SS helmets, if you find one of these makers with an SS decal it should be the Pocher decal. But nevertheless be careful ! EF predominantly. WW2 Third Reich german helmets for sale, original WWII steel helmets for sale, Nazi memorabilia and militaria for sale, M35, M40, M42 helmets for sal We test fit each cover on their respective size original German WWII Helmets. The problem here is that there are several varieties of cheap reproduction helmets being sold now- most of which do not correspond very well to the original German shell size they purport to be copies of. Extra long visors, elongated shells, and high domes can make it tough to fit helmet covers on them. This is one.

Is a used WWII German helmet for sale cheaper? The assumption that a previously used helmet will be a cheap Nazi helmet does not hold true with these historic pieces. Used items that have been through major battles may command a higher price than a new German helmet that was boxed after production and never worn by actual German troops. More To Explore . German Camo In Ww Ii German Collectible. This WWII German helmet retains around 65-70% of its original three color field applied camouflaged paint. The exterior has a good overall patina. There is quite a bit of wear on the exterior. The paint is made up of green, dark red, and tan. The dome area does have typical paint loss and wear. The helmet has its original and correct M1931 zinc galvanized steel liner. The original pins are. Our WW2 German Helmet category contains a mix of helmets from all branches of the German military in WW2, including Kriegsmarine, Heer (army), Luftwaffe (air force), Luftschutz and more. German Helmets have always been an desired WWII Collectible for collectors to showcase

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WW2 German Kriegsmarine Helmet ET64. $2,000.00. WW2 German Admiral Flag - SOLD. $0.00 $0.00. WWII German 8 Year SS Service Award. $700.00. WWII Fleet War Badge : Richard Simm & Sonhe - Variation II. $350.00. WWII German Kuban Shield : Steel. $175.00. Adolf Hitler Standart Flag - SOLD. $0.00 $0.00. SA Dagger - Ground Rohm. $1,900.00 $1,750.00. WW2 German Bar to the Iron Cross : L/11. $500.00. WW2 German camouflaged M 40, ET 64 steel helmet WW2 German camouflaged M 40, ET 64 steel helmet. Very nice 3 color scheme camouflaged M 40, ET 64 steel helmet, the decal was removed by mid war regulations, the names of previous owner are remarked. Interesting rectangular markings on the dome of the helmet (factory approving stamp). The liner and the helmet itself is in the very nice condition.

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Welcome to German-Helmet.org™.We are WW2 military collectors and history buffs. We have been collecting, buying and selling collectibles for over a decade. If you have an original WWII German Helmet that you would like to sell please contact us by email.Please include several good photos of your helmet as well as its interior WW2 German Luftwaffe Helmets : HG-1041. WW2 German M35 DD Luft Camo Chickwire $2,500. HG-1217cxa. WW2 German Luft Single Decal M40 $850. HG-837. WW2 Luft Airfield DD M34 Helmet $900. HG-1372. WW2 Luftwaffe M42 Single Decal 62 $430. HG-1224. WW2 German Luft Single Decal Helmet $695. HG-363. WW2 German M35 Luft DD Helmet $1,200. HG-1233. WW2 Luftwaffe DD Helmet Q66 - On Hold (AR) - HG-993. WW2. The other notable fact is that many helmets are unquestionably WWII-era, featuring German stamps and a range of paint colors and shades with various Finnish grays and greens and even some German greens mixed in. About 10% of the shells in the recent cache have German WWII-era stamps Understanding WWII German helmet insignia German Army M35 double decal helmet : There maybe no more iconic item from the Second World War than the double decal German helmet. Most people, even those who know little about the history of WWII can easily recognize one of these helmets. From the comical Sargent Schultz of.

WWII German Helmets and Headgear Following Items Are Not For Sale M35 ET64 German Army Helmet Factory paint is nearly 100% pea green. Production #4098. Reinforced aluminum liner band is manufacturer stamped and dated Schuberth-Werke K.-G. Braunschweig 1938. Acceptance domestamp slightly visible. Chinstrap manufacturer stamped and dated Carl Tesch 1939. M35 EF66 German [ German WW2 Helmets: Show your German WW2 helmets. Please Login or Register to create posts and topics. Show your German WW2 helmets. New Topic. Subject: Cancel. 12 3 Last » Topics Last post. Dealers , contact the webmaster before postingBy schwerpunkt73 0 Replies · 336 ViewsLast post: 10 months ago · schwerpunkt73. 10 months ago schwerpunkt73. Post only untouched authentic examples hereBy.

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german wwii helmets (refurbished) fallschirmjager m38 helmets; german wwii helmet parts. helmet decals; reproduction wwii headgear; wool feldmutzen. overseas caps; wool m43 caps; waffen ss m42 caps; personal items. reproduction personal items; 1944 collectables. original equipment. belts and buckles; combat equipment; miscellaneous equipment. GERMAN WW2 NATIONAL TRI COLOR HELMET DECAL EARLY VARIANT WITH ROUNDED BASE . $10.95. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. NATIONAL TRICOLOR GERMAN WW2 HELMET DECAL . $10.95. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. SS LEIBSTANDARTE GERMAN WW2 HELMET DECAL . $10.95. Out of stock. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Items 1-12 of 51. Page. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page. Welcome to German-Helmet.org™. We are WW2 military collectors and history buffs. We have been collecting, buying and selling collectibles for over a decade. Occasionally we have to thin out our collection and will offer some of our German helmets for sale Our refurbished German helmets start off with original wartime German military helmet shells. We have all three models: early war M35 helmet, midwar M40 helmet and late war M42 helmet. We also have post war M40 helmets available. Our original helmet shells are painted with custom mixed industrial enamel, not model or hobby paint This section of the page covers helmets from the WWI and WWII era. The German helmet has a very distinctive appearance. The helmets worn in WWII had few differences from the helmets employed in WWI. The model 1916 was issued to members of the Imperial German Army as a replacement of the pickelhaube, which did not offer enough protection to the wearer. The new style of helmets provided alot.

Hello my Good Friends!! I know.. it's been too long since my last video.. I had a lot of awesome plans, and really cool content was on the way.. but.. becaus.. German WWII M42 Army Combat Helmet Nicely White Paint Named Size ckl 64 : $600: This is a solid attractive combat helmet. The original finish is good with with a very nice army decal. The liner is all there, but hard and dry on the one side. The back is very nicely marked with the original owner's name. This one will display very well for the money. 32083: Nice WWII German DD Combat Police.

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Original German WWII M42 Single Decal SS Helmet by Emaillierwerke AG with Liner & Chinstrap - 66cm Shell. $7,695.00 VIEW DETAILS. NEW! Original WWII German 1941 Dated MP 38 Display Gun by ERMA - Maschinenpistole 38. $6,495.00 VIEW DETAILS. NEW! Original German WWI Maxim MG 08/15 Display Machine Gun Parts Set by Siemens & Halske - Dated 1918. WW2 German Helmet Paint Matt - Semi Sheen: This is an acrylic based paint which means you can water it down with water. This paint is being sold to do one helmet but you will most likely be able to get two helmets painted from it if you apply it sparingly. This helmet paint has been manufactured to an original WW2 specification and is probably as close as you will get to an original German. German WWII M35 Helmet Green Reproduction is a replica of a German WWII M-35 Stahlhelm and will appeal to WWII military collectors and re-enactors. These helmets are painted in the correct color and have 2 sizes. Sku:69-102009. Price: $89.00. German WWII M38 Paratrooper Helmet - Antiqued. Antiqued version of our World War II M-38 German Paratrooper Helmet, 2nd model. High quality replica is. Your World War 2 militaria web source for U.S. & Third Reich military decorations, medals, ribbons, badges, patches, pins, flags, caps & headgear, cuff titles, officer's rings & much more. Specializing in Nazi, WWII German militaria. Catalog and phone orders welcome. Reddick Militaria s German Helmet Decals are the highest quality available, and we offer the widest selection on the market Imperial German. Miscellaneous. WW2 & Other Countries. Cold War. Reproductions *** Special - All D items 10% Off *** click on available item's thumbnail for more pictures. Ref #: D-HAD-HEL-1 . RARE M38 Luftwaffe Paratrooper Helmet with Chicken Wire 85% original green paint. Luftwaffe Eagle Decal has been removed The liner is well marked with black inkstamped sizing: Saumuster : Heisler.

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WWII German Third Reich military collectibles have become increasingly popular among WW2 history collectors over the past several years, surpassing the popularity of war relics from any other country involved in the war. Some attribute this rise in popularity to such Hollywood blockbuster movies as Saving Private Ryan, and more recently the hit TV mini-series, Band of Brothers WWII German Helmet Decal National Colours for M35,M38,M40,M42. £2.65. 3 left. HELMET STAND-Military - German, US, WWI,WWII, OWC-I-C, Old World Classic finish . £10.46. 4 left. Wonderful 1PC Black WW2 German Elite WH Army M35 M1935 Steel Helmet Stahlhelm UK. £48.99. 5 left. WWII / Korea US GI Cushion Sole Combat Socks NOS originals (ST26) £3.87. 12 sold. MKII Helmets of the WWII - Reference.

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WW2 German Fire Brigade Helmet. 90% original green paint The size is marked inside on the liner with black inkstamp 58. Condition: 8. SOLD. Ref #: D-HAD-HEL-36. Double Decal Fire Police Helmet. 90% original black paint 90% Police Eagle Decal 80% National Swastika Decal The size is marked inside on the liner with black inkstamp 53 The liner is marked inside with blacj inkstamp : 4Z3 POLIZEI. New Listing WW2 GERMAN HELMET EARLY RIVETS/WASHERS SET OF 3, ORIG., MAKER MARKED, PAINT. Pre-Owned. C $48.83. From Latvia. or Best Offer +C $32.99 shipping. WW2 GERMAN HELMET EARLY RIVETS/WASHERS SET OF 3, ORIG., MAKER MARKED, PAINT. Pre-Owned. C $48.83. From Latvia. or Best Offer +C $9.24 shipping. WW2 GERMAN HELMET EARLY BRASS RIVETS/WASHERS SET OF 3, ORIG., PAINT INTACT . Pre-Owned. C $46. German helmet ww2, Химки, Московская область. 181 likes · 6 talking about this. sale of German helmets and other items from the second world war WW2 German Helmets for Sale. WW2 German Militaria Collectibles WWII German Militaria Collectibles : Daggers : Badges : Helmets : Medals : Armbands : Uniform

WW2 German Helmet - Original, used Original WW2 German helmet. inside the helmet on the rear flange are original markings and stamps. brilliant ww2 german luftschutz gladiator blue steel helmet complete with super decal. Avon make up setting spray ml brand new, no box any items bought between th and th august will be sent on th augus The Definitive WW2 German Helmet: The M35 . The Army High Command in 1934 began, once again, to make improvements to the earlier model in order to create the ideal steel helmet that offered a balance of low weight, strength and protection against impact. The design, which became known as the M35 Stahlhelm, was made from sheets of molybdenum-steel alloy. Molybdenum, or moly, as it is sometimes.

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  1. Kinnriemen Stahlhelm german helmet M35 M40 M42 chinstrap Jugulaire ww2 #1. EUR 99,00. Kostenloser Versand . früher Kinnriemen Stahlhelm german helmet M18 M27 M35 chinstrap Jugulaire ww2 . EUR 99,00. Kostenloser Versand . Stahlhelm, Wehrmacht, Heer, M35 reissued, steel helmet, single decal. EUR 499,00. Kostenloser Versand. Beliebt . WWII Deutsch M35 Helm Stahlhelm Stahl ET68 Combat Retro.
  2. OAREA WW2 German M35 Steel Helmet WW II Safety Helmet High Strength Steel World War 2 Helmet with Leather Liner. 3.9 out of 5 stars 8. £59.99 £ 59. 99. £22.58 delivery. OAREA WWII German Fallschirmjager M38 Steel Helmet With Leather Liner Mud Paratrooper Helmet World War 2 German M38 Helmet. 2.7 out of 5 stars 2. £56.99 £ 56. 99. Get it Saturday, Oct 17. FREE Delivery by Amazon. Kayheng.
  3. WW2 German Fallschirmjäger Helmet, Cover, Cuff Title Belt and Card (Repro) AU $285.00. AU $15.00 postage. Watch. WW11 GERMAN FIRE MANS HELMET. AU $400.00. AU $12.00 postage. or Best Offer. Watch. U.S.M.C. Helmet Cover New Zealand Made WW2. AU $80.00. Watch. Vintage Stokes McGown Padded Helmet Ex RAAF Welfare WW2 Military Wrestling Sport . AU $49.99. AU $15.00 postage. Watch. 58-62CM WW2 USA.

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  1. WW2 German Helmet - #SpawnItem WW2_German_Helmet; v · d · e Gear; Head: Armor: Combat Helmet • Fire Helmet • Military Helmet • WW2 German Helmet. Hats: Baseball Caps • Bear Head Hat • Beanies • Birthday Hat • Boar Head Hat • Boonie Hats • Fishing Hats • Goat Skull Hat • Marine Caps • Reindeer Ears • Santa Hat. Masks: Balaclavas • Diving Mask • Guy Fawkes Mask.
  2. WW2 German SS Waffen M35 Helmet. $1,890.00 Buy Now. GERMAN WW2 EAGLE DESK STATUE/MARBLE BASE. GERMAN WW2 EAGLE DESK STATUE/MARBLE BASE. $129.00 Buy Now. GERMAN WW2 SS SWORD 37 GERMAN WW2 SS SWORD 37 $680.00 Buy Now. WW2 German Anti Partisan Silver Ring Skull . WW2 German Anti Partisan Silver Ring Skull . $240.00 Buy Now. WW2 German Paratrooper Silver Ring LUFTWAFFE . WW2 German.
  3. German WW2 Helmets. We sell all German Wehrmacht replica helmets, including German Heer (German Army) replica helmets such as M35 Helmet, M42 Helmet, & M35 winter camo. We also sell the infamous German Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers) helmet. We do carry some SS Helmets such as the SS M35 Parade Helmet. American Helmets. We carry the American M1 helmets that were used by the US during.
  4. German WWII helmets models M35, M40 and M42 come in one of seven sizes. The liners DO NOT adjust, and are not universal as are US liners. This is a source of endless confusion and consternation to collectors and re-enactors. The German sizing system is actually rather simple and very logical. Stay with me, and we will get through this together. Pay attention; there might be a test @ the end.

Unlike German helmets and modern day Kevlars, the M-1 M-1C and M-2 helmets and liners come in only one size. The sweatband in the liner adjusts to fit your head via a slide buckle like some baseball caps. Thus, one size fits all. If you get a helmet and it's too tight, you simply need to adjust the sweatband. It's very, very simple. M-1 Helmet Configurations We are three levels of US helmets. German ww2 Helmet Item No : H129 German WW2 Helmet Weight : 1.52 Kg approx. Size : Standard Material Used : Iron and leather. Khukriwala Handicrafts. Paltan Bazaar, Dehradun No. 5, Moti Bazar, Paltan Bazaar, Dehradun - 248001, Dist. Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Leading Supplier TrustSEAL Verified. Company Video . Call +91-8046042053. Contact Supplier Request a quote. German Ww2 Helmet. Get Quote. September, 25 NEW UPDATE is online. New items were added to the 3rd Reich German awards section: Membership badge NSDAP M1/9 - Robert Hauschild-Pforzheim, War Merit Cross 1939, 2nd class without swords, Iron cross 2nd class 1939, 3rd Reich German Mother Cross 1938, bronze class and dozen other ww2 German original awards..

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  1. 18-apr-2016 - Awesome, Named Model 1935 Police/SS Helmet
  2. Batch 4 Bombs Spray Painting - Helmet German WW2. USD 49,41; Sofort-Kauf +USD 16,50 Versand; Noch 19Std 25Min; 5 Beobachter; Kategorie: Other Automotive Paint; cam decals 72a030 German WW Historical military aircraft decals. USD 12,95; Sofort-Kauf; Versand kostenlos; Noch 29T 5Std; Kategorie: Decals, Emblems; Alternative Suchen: Spezial-Suche Mit & ohne Tippfehler Meistbeobachtete Artikel. Sie.
  3. German World War II Helmets During WWII the German helmet when through three distinct changes. The first changes came in 1940 when the vent was ordered to be stamped into the shell instead of being made from a separate grommet. The steel was also upgraded to stronger manganese-silicon steel
  4. WWII Helmet Replicas; Help & Policies. Shipping Details; Return Policies; My Orders. Track Your Order; My Account. My Orders; Track Your Order ; Edit Addresses; Customer Support. Contact Us; Browse. My Account; Customer Help; Want to chat? Call us toll free +1-208-536-3073. Social. Facebook; $0.00 0. Home / Germany / German Helmets. German Helmets. German WWII helmets for sale. Show Filters.
  5. German Helmet 1889 Prussian Kurassier, Pickelhaube. $84.95. more info Quick view Add to Cart. German M35 Helmet WWII more info Quick view. German M35 Helmet WWII, Afrika Korps Tan. $34.95. more info Quick view. German SS Palm Camo Helmet Cover, WW2 (reversible) $18.0
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The German helmet has a very distinctive appearance. The helmets worn in WWII had few differences from the helmets employed in WWI. The model 1916 was issued to members of the Imperial German Army as a replacement of the pickelhaube, which did not offer enough protection to the wearer Epic Artifacts LLC, Buys and Sells WWII German Helmets, as well as All Other Insignia, Headgear, Uniforms, and Awards of the Third Reich! Epic Artifacts CALL NOW: +1 972-757-009 WWII German Kriegsmarine Helmet? Article about: Hello, I have recently acquired this helmet and would like to find out more about it before I sell. I've done some research but want to find out for sure Here at A&S we offer a wide range of WWI, WWII and post-war era helmet and field gear restoration services. We paint helmets as common as German M42s and U.S. M1 to the unusual such as a Czech M32s and the Austro-Hungarian Berndorfer. If the helmet was worn between 1916 and 1960, we can restore it

Our specialty is antique German helmets from WWI - World War I - and WWII - World War II - including original vintage German Luftwaffe, Heer, elite SS and Combat Police helmets. I try to have a nice variety of German helmets (also known as helmet casque,stahlhelm or elmetto) for sale as a German helmet dealer. Models include the M16, M18, M35, M40 and M42 German Helmet. We also offer a few. Online catalog of authentic militaria from ww1 ww2. From military swords to daggers helmets medals badges bayonets and uniforms. Specializing in ww1 ww2 German but also including Japanese, British, and American civil war. Quality historical artifacts for sale

West Germany: Formerly used by the West German army, helmets made by F. W. Quist Company. The West German M-56 Stahlhelm was a direct copy of the U.S. M1 helmet. It was properly called zweiteiliger Stahlhelm (two-piece steel helmet). In 1958 the helmet was made as a one-piece helmet and renamed Stahlhelm M1A1. The M1A1 came in three sizes: 66. WWII M40 German Combat Helmet, Black SS. More images. Click to enlarge. Price: $99.00. Product ID : 0102-009-6. Weight: 4.00 lbs. 0 review(s) Tweet. Purchase. Size. Quantity. The selected item is out of stock, please select a different item or combination. Description . Our Black SS Helmets are custom painted in satin black, with SS decals applied. Made from heavy gauge mild steel, this is the.

WW2 German Knights Cross - We Buy WW2 German Medals - YouTubeww2 german helmet , grenade and mortar metal detectingAction figure 1/6 scale - Axis History Forum

Helmets; WW2 Headgear; WW2 Headgear . BrickWarriors custom LEGO® WW2 headgear is designed to fit seamlessly with your LEGO® Minifigures. These custom LEGO® helmets and hats are produced in high quality ABS plastic - the same plastic used by LEGO®. Sort By: Showing 20 of 23 products. Choose Options. Pickelhaube. $1.50. Choose Options. Choose Options. Aviator Helmet. $1.25 $1.00. Choose. German WW2 M40 WH (army) helmet, original shell, with replica liner and chin strap, finished in winter camouflage (Ardennes, Eastern front). You may also be interested in the following product(s) German Helmet carrier. €19.00. German WW2 replica FJ helmet Winter €125.00. MP40 sub-machine gun, 9mm, (Non-firing replica) €159.00. WH M35 Stahlhelm. €65.00. My Cart. You have no items. You can buy German WWII M35 Steel Helmet- Stahlhelm 35 WW2 M1935 here. yes, we have German WWII M35 Steel Helmet- Stahlhelm 35 WW2 M1935 for sale. You can buy German WWII M35 Steel Helmet- Stahlhelm 35 WW2 M1935 Shops & Purchase Online. Product Description. New Made Item: Simply put this is the very best reproduction M1935 helmet available anywhere. It is an IMA exclusive and has been in.

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